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Elevate your living space with eye-catching design from Japan in this collection of products for your home and garden, ranging from charming miniature DIY sculpture sets to award-winning vases.

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Gardening Trowel – Narrow



Flower Frog – Petal

針のない銅製剣山 Petal

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Flower Frog – Voronoi

針のない銅製剣山 Voronoi

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Brass Flower Vase

錫製 花入れ ’そろり’


Bamboo Shoehorn

くつべら 鳥型


Flower Frog Vase

針のない銅製剣山 Hana


Table Lamp


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Flower Vase – Yellow and Blue

フラワーベース ツートーン

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Flower Vase – Ichimatsu Koshi

フラワーベース ツートーン柄入り

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Wooden Flower Vase


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Flower Vase – EA


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Gardening Trowel – Wide



No. 58 Tennis Terada-Mokei

No.58 テニス編 テラダモケイ

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No.85 Wheelchair Basketball Terada-Mokei

No.85 車いすバスケットボール編テラダモケイ

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