10:10 BY NENDO Watch

A simple, contemporary unisex wristwatch made in Tokyo.

£210.00 per item

This watch was designed by prominent Japanese designer Satō Oki, whose works have been part of major collections at prestigious museums around the world, and who also designed the Olympic cauldron for the 2020 Olympic Games held in Tokyo. The brand name of the watch, 10:10 (TEN:TEN), is a play on words referring to the two dots seen on the display, as ‘ten’ is a homophone of the word ‘dot’ in Japanese. The 36mm diameter face is a size which suits most people’s wrists, and the minimalist design adds to its gender neutrality. The most characteristic element of the design of this watch is the buckle that’s attached to the face. Unlike conventional watches with two straps that join together, this watch has just one long strap which wraps round the wrist and through the buckle on its face, just like a belt. The four simple time markers are regulated by quartz crystal for highly accurate timekeeping.

Size: Ø3.6 cm x H0.75 cm

Belt width: 1.8 cm

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