A book designed in collaboration with fashion designer Morinaga Kunihiko and photographer Okuyama Yoshiyuki spanning the four collections of SHADOW, LIGHT, REFLECT, and POWER by fashion brand ANREALAGE.

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This book explores the design philosophy and dynamic photographs born from a collaboration between fashion designer Morinaga Kunihiko of the brand ANREALAGE and photographer Okuyama Yoshiyuki.
The book covers the four collections, SHADOW, LIGHT, REFLECT, and POWER, after ANREALAGE’s debut collection in Paris named A LIGHT UN LIGHT in 2014. The photography captures the surging energy of the garments in motion from the process of fitting through to the shows themselves. The text accompanying the photographs details Morinaga’s thoughts on fashion design, his vital concepts and lifelong inspirations.

Morinaga Kunihiko is a fashion designer, who established his brand ANREALAGE, a combination of ‘A REAL, UNREAL and AGE’, in 2003. His work touches upon the slightly mysterious aspects of everyday life which can be seen in detail such as specially designed buttons for every collection or subtle twists in the fabric that create touches of unreality. The brand is known for its vibrantly coloured and meticulous patchwork, distinctive forms that surpass the human body, and the incorporation of inventive technology in its garments. Morinaga has received various accolades including the GEN ART Avant Garde Award in 2005, the 29th Mainichi Fashion Grandprix New Face Prize / Shiseidō Sponsorship Award in 2011 and was a finalist in the LVMH Prize in 2019.
Okuyama Yoshiyuki is a photographer who also works as a director for television commercials and music videos. He received the 34th New Cosmos of Photography Excellence Award for his photo book titled Girl and the Photography Award for the 47th Kodansha Publishing Culture Awards in 2016 for BACON ICE CREAM.

Size: 18.2 x 13 cm

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