Bamboo Mat For Sushi

A polished bamboo mat designed for making rolled sushi.

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Makisu is the name given to flexibly woven bamboo rolling mats used for making makizushi (rolled sushi) or round tamogoyaki (rolled omelettes). While green bamboo can fade with use, polished bamboo takes on a darker and more textured finish which can endure extensive use, making it a sustainable option when compared with plastic kitchen tools. Though most commonly used in the preparation of sushi rolls, makisu can also come in handy as a wrap when cooling boiled food, or as a strainer for tofu and vegetables. Though bamboo is naturally water-repellent, it will last longest with gentle air-drying.

For longevity of use, products made of bamboo should be dried overnight on a cloth after use and stored in a well-ventilated place with low humidity.

Size 24×24cm
Product weight (g) about 110g

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