Cast Iron Rice Cooker

A cast iron rice cooker made in Iwate Prefecture.

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This cast iron rice cooker was made in the style of Nambu Tekki, a type of ironware made in Iwate Prefecture, located in north-eastern Japan and known for its harsh winter climate. The style of Nambu Tekki has a 300-year history, during which it has developed in quality and design. Featuring excellent durability and versatility, the enamel-coated interior of this pot is completely rustproof. The adjustable airtight lid prevents the cooker’s contents from boiling over and retains flavour while cooking.

Compatible with gas, electric and induction hobs.
Dry thoroughly before storing to avoid potential rust stains on surfaces.

Size: W26 cm x H17.4 cm x Ø21.8cm
Weight: 3.8 ㎏
Volume: 2.1 L

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The story...


In the small area of Hadachō the distinctive scent of iron casting, along with the presence of ironware artisans strolling the streets, help create the atmosphere of a town with a long history of ironware production.

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