Cerapotta Filter for Coffee

A reusable coffee filter crafted from porous ceramic, which not only filters coffee but also the water.

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This reusable coffee filter created from porous ceramic, is the ideal tool for drip coffee as it can filter not only ground coffee beans but also unwanted impurities from water. The name cerapotta, refers to the innovative use of porosity in ceramics and also the Japanese onomatopoeia of pota pota, describing the sound of rainwater falling slowly, similar to coffee dripping from a filter.
The coffee filter is crafted from Hasami porcelain, a type of ceramic with a 400-year history in Nagasaki Prefecture, using technology from porous ceramic manufacturing. The pores of the filter are thinner than a human hair at 5micrometres wide, allowing it to filter impurities yet preserve the drink’s essential flavour. The coffee can be filtered to produce deep or light flavours depending on the pouring technique.
The reusability of this coffee filter avoids the waste of single-use filters and is easily maintained by rinsing with water after use. It has the capacity for one to four cups, allowing for the enjoyment of coffee in a solitary moment or in company.

Clogged filters can create acidic aftertastes and drop in drip speed. To avoid mainain by boiling. Submerge the filter in water and boil for approximately 10 minutes. Keep the filter upright when sterilizing as if bubbles form in the bottom of the pot this can prevent complete sterilization. A microwave can also be used by submerging the filter fully and microwaving for approximately 5 minutes on 500W.
Two tablespoons of sodium bicarbonate for litre of water can be used for more effective cleaning.
After cleaning, rinse the filter and leave it in a dry environment to air dry.
If there is still clogging, use sodium percarbonate by dissolving in a pot of hot water (40-60 degrees Celsius) and leave to soak the entire filter for one hour. Then rinse the filter thoroughly with running water and submerge the filter in water to boil for 10 minutes.

Product contains cone filter and filter holder.
Size: Approx. Φ100×H110mm
Material: Polybutylene terephthalate (Approx. 51%), Recycled ceramic (Approx. 49%)

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