Cold-processed Sakura Soap

A handmade sakura-scented soap crafted from entirely natural ingredients including extracts from sakura leaves and red clay, from Miki District, Hyōgo Prefecture.

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This sakura (cherry blossom) soap is handmade by Mutenka Sekken Honpo, a brand established by Marubishi Natural Soap Factory Co Ltd, which has been producing natural soaps in the Miki District, Hyōgo Prefecture since 1955. The soap is made entirely from natural ingredients, with no colouring, stabilizers or additives, and processed at low temperatures to preserve the colour and scent of the raw ingredients.
The soap has the distinct and delicate aroma of sakura, extracted from the leaves of flowering cherry trees. The scent is described as similar to sakura mochi, a springtime confectionary made from light pink coloured glutinous rice with a sweet red bean paste centre that is wrapped in a salt-pickled sakura leaf. The light pink hue of the soap is derived from powdered natural red clay that has pore-cleansing properties and which creates a firm texture within the rich foam.

Ingredients contain palm kernel oil, water, olive oil, sodium hydroxide, rice bran oil, palm oil, kaolin, cherry leaf extract, coumarin, BG (derived from sugarcane).
Recommended for cleansing pores and the scalp for a refreshing and smooth finish.
Has a subtle scent of sakura.
Can be used for hair, skin, and face.
Avoid storing in places where the soap is submerged in water over a long period.
The soap can be stored for up to three years and is recommended to be stored in an enclosed container to prolonging its aroma and colour.
As a handmade product, colour and shape may differ depending on the soap.
The may be a white powder-like residue or moisture however it is part of the soap and should be used.

Approx. W 5.5 x L 8 x H 2.5cm

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