Echizen Washi Cobble Box – Grey

A nature-inspired Echizen washi box resembling round cobblestones.

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These paper boxes are hand-sculpted using Echizen washi, a type of Japanese paper made in the Echizen region of Fukui Prefecture. Washi is made from three different plants: kōzo, mitsumata and gampi, the long fibres of which create incredibly durable papers. With a 1500-year old history, a cluster of five villages in Echizen is Japan’s largest washi-making area. According to legend, the method of papermaking was imparted on the locals by a beautiful princess, who mysteriously vanished at the upper reaches of the Okamoto river and became worshipped as Kawakami Gozen, the ancestral deity of papermaking and guardian of the paper production in Japan. These hand-sculpted boxes, resembling stones stacked on river banks, are made of multiple layers of Echizen washi making them surprisingly sturdy and perfect for use as lightweight containers for everyday items.

Avoid moisture.
Avoid placing near open flames.

Small: L15.5 cm x W11.5 cm x H5 cm
Medium: L23.5 cm x W17 x H6.5 cm
Large: L31 cm x W23.5 cm x H8 cm

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Although washi has been made throughout Japan for centuries, there are certain production centres famous for quality – including Echizen, Mino, Sekishu, Tosa, and Inshu – that continue to make washi today.

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