Folding Fan – Wave

A sensu, folding fan made in Tokyo, decorated with contemporary Japanese design.

£80.00 per item

These folding fans are made of bamboo and washi, Japanese paper. Washi is made from three different plants: kōzo (mulberry), mitsumata and ganpi, the long fibres of which create incredibly durable papers. Historically, sensu were often decorated with waka poems, paintings or patterns. Designed by Takahashi Hiroko, the contemporary geometric pattern of this fan is composed of two simple, interconnecting shapes: circles and straight lines. Fans have often served a far wider-ranging purpose than simply cooling the handler. More decorative fans act as a stylish accessory to an outfit or can be given as a gift. In feudal Japan, fans could offer visual commands to soldiers, or be employed as weapons. And in ancient times, fans were thought to ward off negative energy, making room for positive forces and prayers for happiness. Like many objects in Japanese society, fans can carry great significance despite their compact size.

Keep away from moisture.
Variations in humidity and temperature can cause changes in the fan’s shape. This can be prevented by using the attached paper band when not using the fan for a prolonged period.

Comes with a 100% cotton case.
Different pattern on each side.
Size: L22.5 cm x W1.8 cm x H2 cm (folded)
Width when unfolded: 38 cm
Package size: L27.5 cm x W4.6 cm x H2.8 cm

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