Fukubukuro (Lucky Bag): Small

A lucky bag of surprise...

£24.00 per item

Fukubukuro (lucky bags) are sold in Japan at the start of the new year in a range of different shops from high-end fashion boutiques to toy stores. The retailer puts together a selection of items in a sealed bag and the customers take their chance on what products will be contained inside. The unwritten rule is that the selection of products in the bag is are discounted, so it is common to see queues outside shops when the bags go on sale. The word fukubukuro is comprised of two Japanese words: fuku, meaning good fortune or luck; and fukuro (pronounced as bukuro), meaning bag.

Please note the items inside the Lucky Bags may vary from bag to bag. The bags are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

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The story...

Fukubukuro: How ‘lucky bags’ help bring in the New Year in Japan

With three days of public holidays, families and friends come together to enjoy special foods known as osechi ryōri and activities, such as flying kites (tako) and writing calligraphy (kakizome). As businesses begin to reopen, it is the tills that start ringing as shoppers embrace one of Japan’s quirkiest seasonal traditions, fukubukuro or ‘lucky bags’.

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Fukubukuro: How ‘lucky bags’ help bring in the New Year in Japan