Hinoki Cubic Measure

A classic Japanese cypress cubic measure from Tochigi Prefecture.

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Cubic measures like this were used as standard units of measurement in Japan in the past and are still widely used now. Their name in Japanese, ichigōmasu (一合枡), reflects the volume of rice or sake they can hold — ichigō (一合), which is one tenth of a hitomasu (一升). In metric terms this translates to around 180ml. This standard is still used today with electric rice cookers, where one cup of rice is measured with an ichigōmasu. They are also used as ‘saucers’ for sake cups which are purposely filled until they overflow.

Dishwasher safe.

Size: L8.5 cm x W8.5 cm H5.5 cm

Inner dimensions: L6.5 cm x W6.5 cm x H4.5 cm

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