Horse-hair Watercolour Brush Set

A set of thee watercolour brushes from Nara Prefecture made of high-quality horse-hair.

£12 per item

This premium set of three watercolour brushes are designed to enhance the qualities of transparent watercolour paints. The fine horsehair bristles allow for optimal water retention and smooth colour application. They effortlessly glide across the paper, delivering consistent and even pigment distribution. The brushes are carefully shaped to create a well-defined point, enabling precise and controlled brushwork. They offer the ideal balance of flexibility and resilience, providing just the right amount of resistance for various painting techniques. Each brush features a sturdy plastic handle that is not only durable but also water-resistant. This ensures that the brushes maintain their shape and performance even when exposed to moisture for extended periods. The ergonomic design of the handles provides a comfortable grip, allowing for prolonged painting sessions without fatigue.

Contains 3 brushes.

No special care required.

Package size: L26.5 cm x W2 cm x H1.5 cm

Brush length: 24 cm, 23 cm, 21.5 cm

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