Igusa Mat for Children

An eco-friendly soft mat for small children made of igusa rush grass, grown in Kyūshū.

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This soft mat is handmade of igusa (rush grass), a material which historically has been used for making tatami mats. Woven using igusa grown in Kyūshū – Japan’s southernmost main island – this mat is highly moisture absorbent, and has a relaxing, fresh fragrance. Treated with essential oils extracted from Aomori hiba wood – a species of cypress native to Japan – it has enhanced antibacterial and deodorising properties. By avoiding the standard mud-dyeing process employed to dry regular igusa, the rushes used in this mat retain smooth, dirt-resistant and chemical-free surfaces. The inside of the mat is cushioned with a 1.5 cm thick cotton layer, making it softer and more comfortable for small children.

Doesn’t require washing.
Keep dry to prevent mould from growing.
Avoid direct sunlight.
Due to the nature of the materials, the colour might change over time from green to light brown.

Size: L120 cm x W70 cm

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