Gyokuro Tea - Rimpō

High quality loose-leaf gyokuro tea leaves blended in Kyoto.

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Gyokuro tea is a type of premium Japanese green tea, known for its fragrant aroma, and delicate, sweet flavour. Gyokuro tea is grown and harvested differently from other green teas. The tea plants are shaded for several weeks before harvest, using giant straw and tarp sheets which reduce the amount of sunlight that reaches the leaves, resulting in slower growth and increased amino acid and caffeine production. The tea leaves used for gyokuro are the youngest and most tender leaves. After harvesting, the leaves undergo a steaming process to halt oxidation after which they are rolled and dried to create the final tea leaves.

Made of the finest quality tea leaves grown in the mountains of Kyoto and its surrounding areas, Rimpō is a medium-bodied, umami-rich gyokuro with a sweet aroma and invigorating character, ideal for drinking in the morning.

For an authentic experience, mix 10g of gyokuro with 80 ml of hot water (around 60°C) and let it brew for 90 seconds without stirring.
Up to 3 servings can be made using the same tea leaves.

Size: W7.5 cm x D7.1 cm x H12.2 cm
Weight: 80g

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