Stainless Steel Matcha Strainer

A high-quality, stainless steel strainer for sifting matcha.

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Sifting matcha through a strainer is a key step for improving the quality of your drink in order to fully enjoy it. Simply whisking the powder in water might sometimes leave some lumps in your matcha. This is the result of static electricity keeping tea powder particles together making them difficult to separate and often leaving them floating on the top of your drink or sticking to the side of your tea bowl. In order to prepare authentic matcha with a smooth texture, and a properly aerated, frothy surface, it is important to sift the powder through a strainer first to separate any lumps, allowing you to properly mix your drink during whisking. This stainless steel tea strainer is ideal in both size and quality and will be the only strainer you will ever need to prepare delicious matcha.

Dishwasher safe.

Size: Ø7.3 cm x H14.2 cm

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