Japanese Cypress Eggs

Three wooden eggs made of Yoshino hinoki wood in Nara.

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These wooden eggs are crafted from Yoshino cypress trees. With their captivating wood grain and ergonomic shape, the eggs nestle perfectly in the palm, offering a soothing touch. Their form lends itself beautifully as an interior decoration, ideal for imbuing indoor spaces with a delightful ambiance and gentle fragrance. But these eggs are also versatile in application, making them more than just a simple decoration. Their material, Yoshino cypress, boasts a humidity-regulating quality, which means they can be used in drawers, wardrobes and shoe storage to help maintain optimal conditions. They can also be used to relieve stress through gentle squeezing, or as a massage tool for the face or the soles of your feet, as their smooth surface and shape glides effortlessly over tired muscles.

No special care required.

Contains three eggs.

Weight: approx. 100g

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