Letter Set - Sakura

A letter set with writing paper and envelopes handcrafted with kōzo plant from Yamanashi Prefecture.

£22 per item

Hadayoshigami is a type of hōshogami (hand-made Japanese paper) from Yamanashi Prefecture crafted from the kōzo plant (paper mulberry tree). The paper’s silky texture can be compared to the smoothness of skin, and this is reflected in its name, with hada meaning skin. Historically it was used as an official paper, firstly by the Takeda clan and during the Edo period (1603-1868) by the Shogunate. The finish of the surface is well suited for pen and brush.

This letter set includes depictions of four versions of sakura, cherry blossoms in bloom, on four envelopes and 20 pages of letter writing paper, with five pages of each of the four designs.

4 Envelopes with individual designs of sakura, cherry blossoms.
20 pages with 5 pages of each of the 4 designs.

Size of envelope: 9×20.4cm
Size of paper: B5

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