Japanese Paper Letter Set

A set of washi letter papers with summer flower designs from Yamanashi Prefecture.

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This set of washi letter papers includes four designs each featuring a summer flower: tsuyukusa (dew grass), nokogirisō (saw-wort), hyakunichisō (summer poinsettia), and ajisai (hydrangea). The letters are made of hadayoshigami, a type of Japanese paper originating in Kai Province a part of present-day Yamanashi Prefecture. This paper was historically used for official documents for the Takeda clan and later served as one of the official papers used by the shogunate during the Edo period (1603-1867 CE). The name hadayoshigami reflects its quality, likened to the skin of a beautiful woman. These postcards fully reflect the texture and writing experience that made this washi a favourite of the powers that ruled Japan. The paper used in this set has a slight cream tone, adding a touch of warmth to your messages.

The set contains five sheets of each design and 20 letters in total, with an underlay paper to assist even writing included.

Size: L18 cm x W8 cm

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