Japanese Watercolour Paint Set – 12 Colours

An excellent quality gansai paint set from Kyoto for watercolour nihonga paintings.

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Gansai, Japanese watercolour paint, is particularly suited to those who seek to create their own nihonga paintings. Nihonga, literally Japanese painting or picture, is an art form rooted in centuries of Japanese cultures. It encompasses a wide range of subjects and styles, often depicting nature, landscapes, and classic Japanese motifs with meticulous attention to detail. What sets gansai apart from Western watercolours (distinguished as suisai in Japanese) is its high pigment load which allows for rich, vibrant colour that is less transparent and more opaque in nature. This provides artists with a wide range of hues that echo those of classic nihonga. Another distinctive feature of gansai is its ability to be easily blended and layered, allowing artists to achieve smooth transitions and create delicate washes. The paints harmonize beautifully, offering a versatility that allows for both subtle nuances and bold, expressive strokes.

No special care required.

L19.7 cm x W9 cm

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