Jogging Tabi Socks – SYN

A pair of high-performance tabi-shaped socks made with cutting-edge technology.

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Tabi, a type of a split-toed sock, have been worn in Japan for centuries for both comfort and convenience as they can be worn with thonged footwear such as zōri, geta and waraji sandals. These high-performance tabi socks from Nagano Prefecture are made with a mix of different materials to provide comfort and support your feet when doing light exercises. The combination of cotton, washi (Japanese paper), wool, polyester and nylon provides these socks with excellent qualities to enhance performance. Because of the washi threads, these socks are both light and durable while the cotton makes them breathable and moisture absorbent. The elasticity of their middle section supports the arch of your foot, and the toes and heels are cushioned for added comfort.

Made of:
31% cotton
31% washi
21% polyester
10% wool
4% nylon
3% polyurethane

Size M: 24-26 cm

Size L: 26-28 cm

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