Kehai Clock by Koizumi Makoto: White

A frosted glass wall clock with a unique ambiguous design produced by designer Koizumi Makoto.

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Through translucent glass the hands and red dot of this clock glide beneath the surface without ticking, allowing the passing of time to appear subtle and more relaxing than on a typical clock face. This unique clock was produced by Lemnos – a Japanese brand which creates wall clocks and timepieces in collaboration with celebrated designers – and Koizumi Makoto, a multidisciplinary artist working with a variety of mediums on projects as small as chopsticks or as large as interior design. This calming clock is named ‘Kehai’, which translates as hint or suggestion, and conveys the purpose of this clock, which is to allow time to be more ambiguous and less defining in our lives.

Size: φ130 × d55mm

Weight: 295g

Materials: Aluminum, PP(polypropylene), Glass

Specification: Sweep Second

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