Kitpas Crayon for Bath - 10 Colours

Excellent quality crayons for wet surfaces from Kanagawa Prefecture.

£20 per item

Made in Kanagawa Prefecture, these art crayons are both a step towards sustainability and towards a more diverse and inclusive society. The crayons are made of Japanese rice bran wax as their primary ingredient, a type of vegetable wax obtained from the outer husk of rice grains. This ingredient lends the crayons a buttery smoothness allowing them to easily produce consistent strokes with vibrant colours on any surface from paper to glass. The crayons don’t dissolve in water and can be used to draw on wet surfaces. Their colours are Color Universal Design certified, making them more accessible for people with various types of colour vision impairments. Due to their non-toxic and allergen-free qualities, these crayons are suitable for many different users.
These qualities partly stem from the company’s efforts in providing a safe working environment for people with learning disabilities, who make up over 70% of their workforce.

Not appropriate for children under 3 years old.
Drawings on rough, porous surfaces are not erasable.

Size: L10 cm x W5 cm x H2 cm

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