Medetaya Postcard - Somei-Yoshino

A postcard with a close up detailed illustration of somei yoshino, a variety of sakura (cherry blossom).

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This postcard has an illustration of a detailed close-up of somei yoshino, a variety of sakura (cherry blossom). The variety is one of the most common with many trees planted along the islands of Japan. So central is the variety, that its annual development is used as the basis of forecasting the sakura season as it moves up the Japanese archipelago. The postcard depicts the flowers in gentle pink tones, representing the natural colours of the blossoms that usually range from white to pale light pink.
The illustrated face has a slight sheen, subtly reflecting light depending on its angle. The reverse is suitable for writing on with pen, brush, or even use with a printer. The postcard can also be used as a message card to accompany a gift, or can simply be displayed to enjoy the illustration.

Size: 14.7x10cm

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