Medetaya Postcard - Water balloons

A postcard with a depiction of water balloon yoyos, a widely enjoyed prize at Japanese summer festival stalls.

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This postcard depicts water balloon yoyos, the prize of a well known Japanese summer festival game. The water balloons are tied to a string of rubber which has a looped end, allowing them to be enjoyed in a similar way to a yoyo. These prizes are put into a shallow pool where contestants can fish them out of the water and take them home. The vibrant and colourful patterns of the water balloons are redolent of the height of summer in Japan.

The illustrated face has a slight sheen that subtly reflects light depending on its angle. The reverse is suitable for writing with a pen, brush, or even for use with a printer. The postcard can be used as a message card to accompany a gift, or can simply be displayed to enjoy the illustration.

Size: 14.7x10cm

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