Miyoshio No Sakura Umeshu

An umeshu (plum liqueur) crafted with sakura (cherry blossom) syrup, inspired by Yoshino in Nara Prefecture an area renowned for its scenic view of sakura.

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Miyoshio No Sakura Umeshu is a plum liqueur inspired by Yoshino in Nara Prefecture, an area renowned for its scenic view of sakura (cherry blossoms) sweeping over the mountainous region, covering the landscape in multiple hues of pink.
The pink shade of the sake comes from an infused syrup of sakura petals, sugar and sakura vinegar which is then added to the base umeshu created from ume (Japanese plum), sake and shōchū (a distilled spirit). The ume is sourced locally in Yoshino, and balances the subtle aroma of the sakura with a gentle sweetness, slight saltiness and tartness.
Miyoshio No Sakura Umeshu is crafted in Nara Prefecture by Yagi Shuzō a brewery founded in the late 1800s that continues to use the historical sake brewing method bodaimoto developed by local monks in the 15th century. The bottle label has been exclusively designed in the style of hanafuda (Japanese playing cards) illustrating flowering sakura expressing the celebratory atmosphere of spring’s arrival.

Best served chilled or room temperature.

ABV 10%

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