Money Envelope – Puffy Sparrows

A small envelope made of high-quality Japanese paper.

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Pochibukuro are small envelopes used to gift money in Japan. Etiquette requires that money be put into an envelope when given as a tip or a gift, including when given to children as part of the New Year celebrations. Decorations adorning these pochibukuro are therefore often symbolic in meaning and serve as well wishes for the receiver.
The pattern on this pochibukuro is printed using silk screen printing and features a design known as fukura-suzume, literally ‘puffed-up sparrow’. Japanese designs for decorative motifs often take inspiration from nature, and plump, puffed-up sparrows are a common sight during the cold winter months. With ‘fuku‘ being a homonym for happiness in Japanese, puffed-up sparrow motifs are often used for kimono and ceramic decorations.

3 envelopes
Size: L10.2 cm x W4.5 cm

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