Atago no Matsu Honjōzō Sake

A classic honjōzō sake from Miyagi Prefecture with a light and crisp taste.

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This bottle of ‘Atago no Matsu’ is a high-quality honjōzō sake that pays homage to Japanese sake-making traditions. It is lovingly brewed using carefully selected rice and pristine water sourced from Mt. Atago, resulting in an exceptional quality beverage. With tropical aromas and a crisp flavour, Atago no Matsu Honjōzō offers a harmonious balance between sweetness and umami, combined with excellent sharpness and a clean finish.

It pairs well with seafood and meat dishes.

Enjoy it chilled, at room temperature or heated (at least 70°C recommended).

Sake Meter Value: +5
Acidity: 1.7
Dry and Light
Rice: Yamada Nishiki
Rice polishing ratio: 60%
Grade: Honjōzō

Honjōzō is a type of sake made using a brewing method which involves adding a small amount of distilled alcohol during the fermentation process, making the sake somewhat lighter and more refreshing.

ABV 15.8%

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