Plant Pot – Hachi

A modern flower pot and saucer conveniently designed into one planter and made by expert metalworkers in Osaka.

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As more of us spend time indoors it’s important to bring nature into our homes to create an uplifting and healthier environment. Created in Yao City, Osaka, this planter blends style with functionality. Its innovative design combines a saucer and a pot into one dual-walled structure, creating a seamless and elegant look. The pot’s ultra-light construction, combined with its ability to be easily carried with one hand, makes it convenient to move around, perfect for those who enjoy rearranging their home décor. The matt black colour from its alumite-treated surface gives it a sleek, contemporary appearance, sure to match our interior. The pot’s top inner surface also features 33 vents to allow fresh air to circulate through the soil, ensuring that your plant’s roots get the oxygen they need to thrive. The design also makes it easy to get rid of excess water, reducing the risk of root rot. An example of innovative Japanese design, this planter is a must-have for those looking to bring a touch of nature into their home.

Do not leave it under direct sunlight for a long time as it may cause discolouration.
Use a soft sponge to clean, as hard brushes or steel wool may leave scratches on the surface. Dry with a soft cloth afterwards.

Small size: Inner Ø6 cm Depth: 6.4 cm, Outer Ø8.4 cm x H8 cm
Large size: Inner Ø9 cm Depth: 8.9 cm, Outer Ø11.4 x H10.4 cm

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