Rattan and Washi Fan

An expertly made uchiwa fan made in Tokyo by blending rattan and washi (Japanese paper).

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This uchiwa (fan) is made by combining rattan and Hosokawa washi – a kind of paper recognised as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Japan. The fan’s framework is made of three rattan sticks shaped to form the circular outline of the fan. This design allows for a light and breezy feel, with a transparency similar to that of shōji screens, while remaining soft to the touch. The handle is wrapped in rattan processed to a thin veneer, with each piece carefully crafted by hand. Uchiwa handheld fans have been used for centuries in Japan to cool down during hot summers. By blending tradition and modern design, this fan is not only a functional tool but also a stylish accessory in hot weather.

No special care required.

There might be individual differences as each piece is handmade.

Inverter Fuji: L35 cm x W23 cm Handle: 10 cm
Rectangle: L36.5 cm x W16 cm Handle: 10 cm
Hexagon: L37.5 cm x W22 cm Handle: 10 cm

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