Rush Grass Setta Sandal – Raven

A pair of high-quality, handmade setta made using rush grass in Wakayama Prefecture.

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Setta is a type of split-toe Japanese footwear, often worn during the summer months. These are usually made by weaving bamboo sheets together and attaching a waterproof leather sole. This particular setta is made by craftspeople who, instead of bamboo use kishū igusa, a type of rush grass cultivated in Wakayama Prefecture, which has long been used as a material for weaving tatami mats. The scent of tatami, which is widely used in Japanese-style rooms, can be evocative and is also known for its air-purifying, deodorizing, and moisture-controlling properties. With tatami demand for interiors declining, these sandals were created to find a new use for igusa and continue to bring these beneficial qualities into people’s lives.

As each piece is handmade, individual items will have subtle differences.
Sole made of synthetic leather.
Igusa changes colour over time from green to yellow.

Small size: UK size 6-8

Large size: UK size 9-11

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