Small Straw Broom

A small, handmade broom for table tops from Tochigi Prefecture.

£48 per item

Broom making in Tochigi started in the middle of the 19th century with the cultivation of hōki morokoshi, commonly known as broomcorn, providing a foundation for the craft. Brooms made in Tochigi are also known as hamaguri-bōki, as the shape of the broom where the brush connects to the handle resembles the shell of a type of clam known as hamaguri in Japan. The entire process of making this broom is performed by hand by skilled craftspeople, who select the best quality broomcorn stalks with appropriate length and thickness, then weave them together with colourful threads. The soft, flexible tips of the broom allow a swift, comfortable sweeping motion to easily clean table surfaces and kitchen counters.

The colour might change over time.
Avoid placing in direct sunlight.
Avoid open flames.

Size: L17 cm x W6.5 cm x H3 cm

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