SUWADA Satsuki Scissors 321041

A popular tool for bonsai growers, these scissors are ideal for pruning the thin branches of small bonsai, and are produced in Sanjō, Niigata Prefecture.

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The SUWADA Satsuki Scissors are ideal for pruning thin branches of small bonsai, making them one of the most popular tools for Japanese bonsai growers for over 70 years. The scissors are designed to carry out detailed work, with a long, slim form, fitting for nipping buds and flowers that have finished blooming in the inner areas or crowded spaces of a bonsai.
The scissors are crafted from high-carbon Japanese steel with a thin coating to prevent rust, in Sanjō, Niigata Prefecture, a region historically associated with blacksmithing, and in particular for creating sharp tools such as knives and scissors.

Wipe blades soon after use as sap can harden and be difficult to remove.
Moisture can lead to rust, make sure to wipe down the tool to be completely dry.
Oil the pivot point if there is any stiffness. Use the oil to remove the build up and wipe away.
As a general guidline, the thickness of the branch or stem being cut should be less than one third of the length of the blade.
Please do not twist the scissors if there is resistance, it will damage the blade.
If the scissors are going into storage over a long period of time, oil it and store in a dark place with no moisture.
There may be hammer marks on the scissors, this is not a fault but traces of the craftspersonship.

Size: L18 x W6.5 x H2 cm

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