Switch Fashion Issue - Anrealage Wearable?

A magazine following fashion brand Anrealage on their inventive journey to their debut in Paris in 2014 showing their Spring/Summer 2015 collection.

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This magazine was released just after Anrealage’s Paris runway debut on September 23, 2014, with its Spring/Summer 2015 collection, documenting the compelling journey of the brand and designer, Morinaga Kunihiko. It investigates past collections and the experimentation with inventive technology used for his designs, such as garments transforming in colour under UV light, pieces that grow and shrink in size, and clothes that adapt to varying temperatures. The magazine explores the question that Morinaga Kunihiko fundamentally asks with his designs, what does it mean to wear clothes? It also features insight into the detail-orientated perspective of the brand by collating a collection of buttons designed specifically for each collection, along with an interview with the designer and a look behind the scenes in Paris.

Switch is described as an interview and culture magazine, and was first published in 1985. During the 33 years of publication, the main focus of the magazine has been to introduce new people and stories in the world of art, fashion and photography to its audience.

Size: 28x22cm

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