Tsubame Notebook

A widely-loved notebook from Tokyo with an award-winning design.

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A established favourite in Japan, the Tsubame Note notebook has been loved by students and stationery enthusiasts for decades. The cover design has remained unchanged ever since its conception in 1947. For Tsubame enthusiasts, the vintage grey colour, black tape on its spine and gold-embossed logo are instantly recognizable. The best-known quality of Tsubame Note is the high-grade neutral foolscap paper, production of which requires a certain quality of water. As a result the paper is only made during the spring and autumn months when water temperatures and bacteria content are ideal. The paper strikes the perfect balance between friction and ease of writing, for a smooth writing experience. Ink pens leave a clear mark, without feathering or bleeding, which lasts for a long time owing to the paper’s acid-free nature. The notebook is ideal for use with pens using water-based ink as its horizontal lines are also printed with water-based ink. Free from fluorescent dyes, the lines are gentle on the eyes, preventing fatigue. Tsubame Note won the Good Design Long Life Design Award in 2012.

Size A5: L29.7 cm x W21 cm

60 pages

Size B5: L25.7 x W18.2 cm

60 pages

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