Tsukasabotan Yamayuzu

A bottle of refreshing yuzu sake from Kōchi Prefecture that pairs well with desserts.

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Tsukasabotan Yamayuzu sake seamlessly blends the smoothness of premium rice wine with the citrusy freshness of yamayuzu, a variety of Japanese citrus found in the mountainous regions of Japan. Capturing the essence of this particular yuzu variety, this sake is characterized by its fragrant aroma, vibrant fruity notes and sweet flavour which mixes with the refreshing natural acidity of the fruit.
This drink is best paired with dessert or light seafood dishes. It can enjoyed on its own and also as an ingredient for cocktails.

Best served chilled.
Junmai (lit. ‘pure rice’) indicates that no additional alcohol or additives were used in the brewing process.

ABV 8%

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