Urakasumi Umeshu

An umeshu (plum liqueur) with a refreshing tartness along with a gentle sweetness produced in Miyagi Prefecture.

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This umeshu (plum liqueur) is well balanced with acidity, ume (Japanese plum) flavour and texture, giving a refreshing tartness accompanying a gentle sweetness.
Urakasumi Umeshu is produced from ume grown in Miyagi Prefecture, unprocessed junmai sake (sake made from rice, water and kōji, grain that is inoculated with fermentation culture, without added alcohol) brewed by Urakasumi brewery and sugar. It has notes of almond, marzipan and amaretto, so it is fit for desserts and accompanying sweet, rich foods such as Foie gras and dark chocolate. Recommended ways of drinking Urakasumi Umeshu are on the rocks, with crushed ice or soda.

Best served chilled or room temperature.

ABV 12.5%

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