Watercolour Brush Pen Set

A set of 5 coloured brush pens for watercolour painting, made in Nara Prefecture.

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This set of brush pens was handmade by expert brushmakers in Nara Prefecture using a combination of age-old brushmaking techniques and modern design. Unlike standard paint or calligraphy brushes whose pigment must be added separately, brush pens contain water-soluble ink that flows through the synthetic polyester bristle tip. The flexible brush tip also allows for practicing shodō, Japanese brush calligraphy. By changing the pressure applied by the pen to paper, the user can adjust the thickness of the lines they paint, an effect that cannot be replicated using ballpoint pens or felt tip markers. The translucency of the vivid colours can be changed by adding water to the canvas, creating washed, watercolour-style paintings.

If the ink flow becomes weak, hold the brush vertically for 2 minutes with the tip facing downwards.
Keep the cap on when not using the brush.
If the brush dries up, first wash the tip with water, then wipe it and put the cap on. Leave it facing downwards for 2-3 days.

Comes in 5 colours: Cherry Blossom Pink, Rose Pink, Orange, Yellow Green, and Evergreen.
Package size: L17 cm x W5.5 cm x H1.5 cm
Pen size: L15.5 cm
Tip size: L0.8 cm

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