Wazarashi Kitchen Cloth in Paper Box

A square-shaped paper box for storing your wazarashi cloth sheets.

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This square-shaped paper box comes with 8 sheets of wazarashi cloth, a sustainable alternative to disposable paper rolls.
Wazarashi is a type of bleached cotton fabric that goes through a boiling process for several days in order to remove impurities. Cloths made of wazarashi are highly absorbent and soft, and can be reused many times by simple washing them. They can be used in a variety of ways in and around the kitchen, such as for wiping, wrapping, and even for straining and steaming.
This delicate paper box is ideal for storing your clean wazarashi sheets in one place.

When used for straining or steaming, the cloth needs to be boiled first to remove any dirt that might have accumulated on it.

Comes with 8 sheets of wazarashi cloth.
Cloth size: L35 cm x W35 cm
Box size: L10 cm x W10 cm x H7.8 cm

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