Woodblock Printing Chisel Set

A set of high-quality steel chisels for carving woodblocks.

£21.00 per item

Historically, woodblock printing in Japan was used to create decorative patterns on washi, Japanese paper, as well as ukiyo-e prints, a Japanese art form that is globally famous. Creating woodblock prints involved the work of an artist, who would draw a design and then send it to a woodcarver, who would carve reliefs into woodblocks before sending these to a printer, who would apply ink to the relief and print the design onto paper. In order to create the intricate patterns and complex pictures, woodblocks had to be carved with utmost precision. To make this possible, the tools used to carve the blocks were themselves made with extreme care and high quality. The steel blades of these chisels are forged with the same method as Japanese swords and knives, combining steel of different carbon content. High carbon content steel can be sharpened to a very high degree however it wears fast and chips easily, therefore its only used for the edge of the blade, while low carbon steel, which is more study but cannot be sharpened so well, is used as a support for the blade to avoid breaking. Combining these two qualities the chisels become both durable and sharp allowing them to easily and accurately carve detailed patterns into woodblocks. Chisels with a straight edge are normally used for fine details while ones with a U- or V-shape are meant for carving out hollows.

If exposed to moisture, dry with a soft towel.
Avoid touching blades of the chisels.
Be aware of your surroundings when using the tools.
Keep away from children.

Size: L19 cm x W10.4 cm x H1.8 cm

Handle: L11.5 cm

Blade: L2.5 cm

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