Wooden Folk Toy – Yuki-Nyudo

A wooden toy depicting a yuki-nyūdō from Hida, Gifu Prefecture.

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According to legend, yuki-nyūdō are mostly reclusive and avoid inhabited areas, but their one-legged footprints can be seen left behind in the snow in the mornings. Parents use the stories of the yuki-nyūdō to deter children from being naughty, saying that bad children will taken by the yuki-nyūdō. These wooden toys have been made in order to utilize the scraps of wood left behind during the production of wooden ladles, normally carved during the winter months using magnolia wood. Their bold shapes are made by splitting the wood with a hatchet, with the wood being left in its natural state. The mouth part is cut out with a knife and finished with minimal colouring.

There may be individual differences as each piece is handmade.

Small size: approx. W5 cm x H16.5 cm

Large size: approx. W6 cm x H23.5 cm

Extra Large size: approx. W6 cm x H33.5 cm

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