Yūzen Origami Paper

A pack of origami paper decorated with yūzen patterns.

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These patterned papers are called chiyogami and sometimes also referred to as yūzen, because their colourful designs often resemble the elaborate patterns of kimono dyed with the kyo-yūzen dyeing technique. The repetitive patterns feature classic Japanese motifs, often auspicious in meaning and hand-printed using silkscreens and vivid bright colours.
Origami, the well-known Japanese art form of paper-folding has a wide range of applications from creating decorations through to packaging and engineering inventions such as the Miura fold that’s used for deploying solar panels for space satellites. The best-known origami design, orizuru (lit. ‘folded crane’) is also used to wish for good fortune, recovery from disease, long life and peace by folding one-thousand orizuru and stringing them together.

Avoid moisture and open flames.

Size: L15 cm x W15 cm

50 sheets.

5 sheets/colour.

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Chiyogami is washi, Japanese paper, which has been hand-printed with colourful, patterned designs, that has its roots in the Heian period (794–1185 CE).

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