Yuzen Washi Stamp Book

A stamp book made of washi decorated with yūzen patterns.

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This stamp book that folds like an accordion was made using Echizen washi, Japanese paper produced in the Echizen area of Fukui Prefecture. Washi is a highly versatile, durable paper made from long fibres from the bark of kōzo, mitsumata or gampi plants. Due to it’s fabric-like texture, washi is particularly suitable for printing, and as a result is often adorned with decorative patterns. These patterned papers are called chiyogami and sometimes also referred to as yūzen, because their colourful designs often resemble the elaborate patterns of kimono dyed with the kyo-yūzen dyeing technique. The repetitive patterns feature classic Japanese motifs, often auspicious in meaning and hand-printed using silkscreens and vivid bright colours.
Called shuinchō in Japanese, stamp books are used to collect seal stamps given to visitors and worshippers of Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples in Japan to serve as proof of pilgrimage.

Avoid moisture and open flames.

Size: L18 cm x W12 cm

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Chiyogami is washi, Japanese paper, which has been hand-printed with colourful, patterned designs, that has its roots in the Heian period (794–1185 CE).

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