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Elevate your living space with eye-catching design from Japan in this collection of products for your home and garden, ranging from charming miniature DIY sculpture sets to award-winning vases.

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Haze Wax Candle – Tōhaku



Sumac Wax Candle Set – NANAO

和ろうそく ななお

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Awaglass Ornament by Terayama Norihiko



Hariko Sea Bream Figurine

張り子 叶え鯛

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Yatsuo Washi Cylinder Box


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Hariko Monkey Figurine

張り子 山芋猿

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Trunk Shape Steel Toolbox


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Cantilever Steel Toolbox


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Suzugami – Arare

すずがみ あられ

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Suzugami – Kazahana

すずがみ かざはな

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Anti-Shade Origami Flower Vase

包紙花入れ 白似土

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Frosted Glass Flower Vase


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Bamboo Vase – Lin

竹製花入れ リン

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Wind Chime Stand



Brass Wind Chime – Onion

ブラス風鈴 オニオン

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Brass Wind Chime – Drop

ブラス風鈴 しずく

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Echizen Washi Cobble Box – Brown

越前和紙の箱 ”コブル”

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Incense Burner

香炉 銀葉

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Echizen Washi Cobble Box – Light Grey

越前和紙の箱 ”コブル”

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