Kitchen & Tableware from Japan


Our carefully curated range of kitchenware includes designer cutlery and a selection of typically Japanese utensils to ensure culinary success.

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Porcelain Rice Bowl – Chrysanthemum

砥部焼 飯碗 流れ菊

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Porcelain Donburi Bowl – Sun

砥部焼 どんぶり碗 太陽


Porcelain Round Rice Bowl – Leaves

砥部焼 茶漬け碗 三つ葉


Porcelain Tea Cup – Marunuki

砥部焼 切立湯呑 丸紋


Porcelain Soy Sauce Pot – Sun

砥部焼 角醬油差し 太陽

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Porcelain Tea Cup – Chrysanthemum

砥部焼 松湯呑 菊

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Porcelain Teapot – Lines

砥部焼 平急須


Porcelain Sake Cup – Karakusa

砥部焼 反りぐい吞み 唐草


Porcelain Tea Cup – Karakusa

砥部焼 松湯呑 赤線唐草

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Bowl with Handle Set



Plate with Handle Set



Wooden Cutting Board – Chestnut

カッティングボード 栗

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Porcelain Long Plate – Grey

磁器ロングプレート グレー


Porcelain Long Plate – Navy

磁器ロングプレート ネービー

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Porcelain Long Plate – White

磁器ロングプレート 白色


Porcelain Shallow Bowl – White

磁器椀 平鉢 水色


Porcelain Shallow Bowl – Light Blue

磁器椀 平鉢 水色


Porcelain Trois Bowl – Navy

磁器椀 トロワ ネービー

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Porcelain Trois Bowl – White

磁器椀 トロワ 白色

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Square Urushi Plate


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