Japanese Stationery


A selection of Japanese stationery items including paint brushes and pens from some of Japan's most well-renowned suppliers.

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Japanese Paper Postcard Set – Early Summer Flowers

越前和紙一筆箋セット 夏の花

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Japanese Paper Postcard Set – Morning Glory

越前和紙一筆箋セット 朝顔手水


Japanese Paper Postcard Set – Lily of the Valley

伊予和紙一筆箋セット すずらん

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Japanese Glass Dip Pen Set



Playing Cards

五十嵐威暢トランプ プラスチック カード

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Tempyō Pattern Origami


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Reed Paper Notebook – ReEDEN Colours


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Goshuin Notebook

正倉院文様 御朱印帳

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Kadotoji Notebook


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Yūzen Washi Tape


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Somé Pad Notebook

染めパッド ノート

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Yūzen Brush Pen

京友禅紙包み 筆ペン

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Mino Washi Wax Paper Bag

美濃和紙 ワックスペーパーバッグ

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Limited Edition Stationery Set


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365 Days Notebook – A5

365デイズ ノート

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Rotary Tape Dispenser

ロータリー テープディスペンサー 柳宗理