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Our ever-changing range of bags and pouches includes intricately crafted items from some of Japan's most revered artisans. Take a look through our collection of sustainable leather drawstring bags and pouches produced in Tōhoku Prefecture, or our all-natural, biodegradable washi (Japanese paper) bags which are specially designed for their water resistance and durability when carrying groceries.

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Seamless Leather Clutch Bag


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Leather Case – Charcoal

鹿皮 小物入れ 炭色

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Leather Case – Grey

鹿皮 小物入れ 鈍色


Leather Case – Light Blue

鹿皮 小物入れ 銀鼠色

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Leather Drawstring Bag – Grey

鹿皮 ポーチ鈍色

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Leather Drawstring Bag – Charcoal

鹿皮 ポーチ炭色


Leather Pouch – Grey

鹿皮 巾着 ニビ色


Leather Pouch – Charcoal

鹿皮 巾着 炭色


Seamless Leather Card Case


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Tokyo 2020 Tote Bag



Long Naoron Wallet

ナオロン 長財布

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