Japanese meals are often served with each dish presented in a different bowl, including separate bowls for rice, soup and salads. Create this impressive look at home with items from our collection, including bowls made in highly-regarded ceramic styles such as Arita porcelain and Hasami-yaki.

Bowls product category

Vermilion Crackled Rice Bowl

朱貫入飯碗 小碗


Donburi Bowl

波佐見焼 丼鉢

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Hasami Porcelain Ramen Bowl

波佐見焼 ラーメン中鉢


Okinawan Ceramic Bowl - Persian Blue

やちむん ペルシャ鉢

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Okinawan Ceramic Bowl - Makai

やちむん マカイ

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Hirashimizu Ceramic Rice Bowl


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Hirashimizu Ceramic Bowl


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Recycled Glass Bowl



Kihon no Utsuwa – Unglazed Bowl

きほんのうつわ こなれ小鉢 焼き締め

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Kihon no Utsuwa – Small Bowl

きほんのうつわ こなれ小鉢

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Kihon no Utsuwa – Everyday Bowl

きほんのうつわ 日々ボウル

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Tobe Porcelain Bowl - Chrysanthemum

砥部焼 飯碗 流れ菊

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Tobe Porcelain Donburi Bowl - Sun

砥部焼 どんぶり碗 太陽

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Tobe Porcelain Rice Bowl - Karakusa

砥部焼 飯椀 唐草


Bowl with Handle Set



Porcelain Shallow Bowl – Light Blue

磁器椀 平鉢 水色

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Porcelain Trois Bowl – Navy

磁器椀 トロワ ネービー

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Porcelain Trois Bowl – White

磁器椀 トロワ 白色

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Porcelain Sauce Bowl – Green

磁器椀 ’ひめとんすい’

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Earthenware Bowl – Black



Earthenware Bowl – White



Kohiki Rice Bowl

粉引 めし碗

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Porcelain Bowl

磁器 碗


Stainless Steel Bowl


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