Chopsticks, or hashi, are an integral part of any Japanese kitchen, used not only to serve oneself but also others during communal meals, or to stir dishes while cooking. Find unique chopsticks shaped like flowers or heptagonal sticks carved to precise 51.4 degree angles for the perfect hand grip.

Chopsticks product category

Bamboo Chopsticks And Case



Lacquered Bamboo Chopsticks


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Arita Porcelain Chopstick Rests

有田焼 箸置セット

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Petra Chopstick Rest – Grey

磁器 箸置き ペトラ

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Petra Chopstick Rest – White

磁器 箸置き ペトラ

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Lacquered Hinoki Chopsticks Set


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Tin Chopstick Rest Set – Rin

錫製 箸置きセット 輪

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Heptagon Chopsticks

七角箸 (てつぼく)

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