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Coffee making is something of a science in Japan, where the tools of the trade are a crucial part of the journey towards creating the perfect cup. Browse the collection to find ceramic filters which prevent paper waste, kettles designed to dispense the perfect amount of water to accentuate a brew and serving pots to add a stylish look to the process.

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Cerapotta Filter for Coffee

セラポッタ コーヒーフィルター


Walnut Coffee Measure – Morinaga Shōji

コーヒーメジャー 盛永省治


Stainless Steel Coffee Drip Kettle – ITTEKI

ドリップポットITTEKI 木ハンドル

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Stainless Steel Coffee Filter Stand



Tritan Coffee Server 400ml

割れにくいサーバー 400ml


Stainless Steel Coffee Dripper


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Banko-yaki Coffee Dripper Set - Black



Banko-yaki Coffee Dripper Set - Sand