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For the home office we stock wooden desk clocks designed by some of Japan’s most well-known designers as well as stationery pots made from beautifully patterned washi (Japanese paper), stylish storage vessels and auspicious, decorative figurines for good luck and success.

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Yatsuo Washi Cylinder Box


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Stainless Steel Scissors


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Elephant Paperweight Ornament

五十嵐威暢 オブジェ ゾウ オーナメント ペーパーウェイト


Playing Cards

五十嵐威暢トランプ プラスチック カード

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Yūzen Washi Tape


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Mino Washi Wax Paper Bag

美濃和紙 ワックスペーパーバッグ

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Rotary Tape Dispenser

ロータリー テープディスペンサー 柳宗理


Chiyogami Brush Holder – Cherry Blossom

六角千代紙筆筒 朝桜

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Plastic Eraser

消しゴム かどけし


Manga Packing Tape


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Bachi Clip


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